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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine

Year 5

Autumn 1

Science - Properties and Materials.

History - The Anglo Saxons.

Investigating our local area.

Art - Weaving.

Computing - Coding

R.E - Belief into action.

MFL – Numbers 40-61 and describing myself.

Music – Charanga – Livin’ on a prayer

P.E –Invasion games


Autumn 2

Science - Properties of materials.

Geography - Why on Earth? - Investigation our local area

Design and Technology - Design and make an Anglo Saxon belt.

Computing – Online safety and spreadsheets

R.E - Christmas.

MFL – My clothes and uniform.

Music - Charanga – Classroom jazz

P.E – Net and wall games


Spring 1

Science - Animals inc. Humans.

History - The Maya.

Art - Mayan clay pot - Clay modelling.

Computing - Databases

R.E – Commitments and meanings

MFL – My bedroom and my body

Music - Charanga – Make you feel my love

P.E - Gymnastics


          Spring 2

Science - Living things.

Geography - Rivers - Where does our water come from and go to?

Design and Technology - Design  and make a Mayan headwear

Computing – Game creating

R.E - Easter.

MFL – My health, food and drink

Music - Charanga – Fresh Prince

P.E - Dance


Summer 1

Science - Earth and Space.

History - Local history study.

Art – Art from different cultures.

Computing - 3D Modelling: Sketch Up.

R.E – Religions in the local community

MFL – The shops and my town

Music - Charanga – Dancing in the street

P.E – Striking and fielding games.


Summer 2

Science - Forces.

Geography - How is Alaska Changing? Sustainable tourism around the world.

Design and Technology – Design an airline meal.

Computing – Concept maps.

R.E – Muslims and Christians

Music – Charanga – Reflect, rewind, replay

P.E - Athletics