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Welcome families and children to year four's page.  We hope that you are all safe and well.  Every day your teacher will upload activities you can complete at home.


Good morning year four,

I hope that you are all well.  I am missing you all already and hope to be seeing you all again soon.

Every day, I will be putting activities on the school website for you to complete. I have included a timetable to help you plan your week.  These are suggested activities that you can complete over the day in any order.  Please save the Purple Mash writing so I can see what you have done.

I am very proud to be your teacher and know you will do me proud with your learning at home.

I hope to see you soon.

Love Miss Blakeman

Thank you so much to all the children who emailed me their animal drawings.  It really made my day. X


Hi everyone an Easter challenge for you:

We are running an eggcellent Easter challenge.  We challenge you to decorate an egg (or a few eggs.)  I have included some images to hopefully inspire you.  Please email any photos by next Friday.  I can't wait to see what eggstraordinary designs you produce. 

Good luck everyone, I might even have a go myself... X

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Week 1 (23rd March 2020)

Have Fun


Good morning year four.  It's Friday :-)

Hope everyone is well and trying hard with their home learning.  Thank you for your animal reports on Purple Mash.  I hope you received the feedback.  I have set you a lovely art activity on the PowerPoint today.  I hope you enjoy drawing some rainforest animals.

Your suggested activities for today:

1.  Morning maths

2. Rainforest animals art on PowerPoint. (Your family could also have a go.)

3.  Sentences on fronted adverbials.

4.  Timetable



Good morning, thanks to the children who saved their animal reports on Purple Mash.  I really enjoyed reading them. 

Here is your learning for today:

1. Morning maths

2. Look at the PowerPoint I have uploaded on fronted adverbials.

3. Paint me a picture on Purple Mash.

4.  Complete your animal report (choose either a frog, sloth or jaguar)  on Purple Mash.

5.  See timetable for other suggestions. 


Hello year four, hope you are all progressing with your home learning.  I am really looking forward to seeing what you will put in your time capsules.  I am missing you all and thinking of you.  Here are today's activities:

1.  Morning maths

2.  See the timetable.

3.  Writing activity is on Purple Mash.  Please choose a jaguar, sloth or dart frog to research and write about.  I will send you some feedback on Purple Mash.


Tuesday 24.3.20

Good morning year four.  Please see the timetable for the activities today.  I have uploaded some morning maths so you can keep practising your arithmetic skills.

Additional ideas:


Activity:  What is life like in 2020? 

If you could bury a time capsule for the children of the future, what items/ photos/ pictures/ newspapers/ technology etc would you put in it?  The time capsule should teach them what life is like in 2020?  Draw what you would put in your capsule and explain why you chose it.  (Please keep these to show me when we get back to school.)  


Davis Walliams is doing an audio story a day.  Here is the link: