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Design Technology


(Why we teach Design Technology)

At St James Primary School we aim to plan and deliver a Design and Technology curriculum that will allow our children to be creative learners and promote imagination through a practical subject that will excite and engage all.  Our aim is to provide opportunities for our pupils to design and make a product in response to a given purpose. 

At every stage they will be encouraged to ask and answer questions to enable them to evaluate their designs and begin to think logically to solve any problems.  This will support them in the preparation of becoming resourceful members of the community.  Through the design and evaluate stage our pupils will be able to find out about existing products and designers and see how they have influenced the world around us.


Curriculum / Progress Map







Super Stories

The Great Outdoors

Terrific Transport

Year 1

A Simple Pop Up 

Lego Model Vehicles


Year 2



Overnight Oats

Year 3

A Mechanism - Pop Up Book

Food - Biscuits

Materials - Photo Frame

Year 4

Textiles - Roman Purse

Materials - Wooden Box

Electrical Nightlight 

Year 5

Food - Bread

Electrical - Micro bit

Mechanism - Car

Year 6

Mechanism - Fair Ground Ride

Materials - Plant Box

Textiles - Upcycling a T-Shirt