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Friday 18th March

Red Nose Day 2022

Brighten Someone’s Day Online


Living a good digital life doesn’t only mean avoiding the bad stuff like online trolls, scam adverts, or unkind messages.


The internet also has the power to help us improve each other’s day. Whether this be with a kind word, a supportive comment or a well-timed meme.


With today’s Comic Relief 2022 theme of ‘You’, it is said that small acts of kindness, if performed by enough people, can make a massive difference.


This is where the internet can be an amazing power of good.


Why not have a look at the below poster, or download it from the link below, for some lovely ideas on how you can use the internet to put a smile on a loved ones face...


Let’s make sure we are all using the internet for good!



Finally, please remember that should you have any concerns about any of these weekly e-safety tips or anything you or your child see online, please do not hesitate to speak to either your child’s teacher or a member of St James’ management team.