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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine



(Why we teach Music)

At St James we strive to cultivate a real enjoyment of music and aim to deliver high quality music teaching; supporting and encouraging all children to achieve their full potential.

Through our music lessons we offer the opportunity to develop a widening repertoire which children can use to create original, imaginative, fluent and distinctive composing and performance work. Children will gain a deeper understanding of how the historical, social and cultural origins of music contributes to the diversity of musical styles, further enriching their cultural capital which allows pupils to progress and develop critical engagement within music. Children will be exposed to a wide variety of music genres which they may never have experienced and can lead to a passion for and commitment to a diverse range of musical activities.





Curriculum  Map- Charanga scheme

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2

Learn and sing 

nursery rhymes

Learn to sing nursery

rhymes and action songs

Learn to sing nursery

rhymes and action songs

Learn to sing nursery

rhymes and action songs

Transition unit for Year 1Reflect, rewind and replay
Year 1

Hey You!

Hip hop song

Rhythm In The Way We Walk (Reggae style)In The GrooveRound and RoundYour imaginationReflect, rewind and replay
Year 2

Hands, Feet, Heart- South African music

Ho,Ho,Ho- a Christmas songI Wanna Play In A Band by Joanna Mangona – a rock song for children.Zoo time-a reggae song for children by Joanna MangonaFriendship songReflect, rewind and replay
Year 3Let your spirit fly- rhythm and blues songGlockenspiel stage 1Three Little Birds by Bob Marley – a Reggae song.The Dragon SongBringing us together- disco songReflect, rewind, replay
Year 4Mamma MiaGlockenspiel stage 2Stop- a rapLean on me- soul/gospel songBlackbirdReflect, rewind, replay
Year 5Linin' on a prayer- rock songClassroom Jazz 1Make you feel my love- pop balladPresh Prince of Bel Air- hip hopDancing in the streetReflect, rewind, replay
Year 6Happy- pop songClassroom jazz 2A new year carolYou've got a friendMusic and MeReflect, rewind, replay



Throughout both key stages the children will have access to a wide range of music to listen to, learn about and enjoy.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Children at St James are given the opportunity to learn a woodwind instrument and the guitar. They also receive whole class sessions with a music specialist in djembe and samba. 

Children in Key Stage Two are able to join the school choir and have the chance to perform in the Forest Art's winter concert and also in the Young Voices  concert. 

Our School Choir


In the Autumn term our Choir sang at Walsall Arts Arena alongside other primary schools. The theme this year was christmas around the world and the children learnt songs in spanish and polish. They practised extremely hard and were, as always, a credit to St James. 

They also performed at the Key Stage 2 carol concert in St James' church. We are so proud of you all. 

Our next concert is Young Voices on 12th January.


Young Voices 2023