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Friday 4th February


10 Top Tips for Respect Online: Inspiring Children to Build a Better Digital World


As we have discussed within our weekly e-Safety top tips, our ability to communicate with anyone in the world, at any time, via the internet has grown at breakneck speed.


This can provide us with an amazing tool for ourselves and our family. However it can also create its own set of unique problems, like cyberbullying discussed last week. 


By arming our children with some rules on how to communicate with people and how to accurately ‘read’ situations in the digital world, we can help make the internet a better, friendlier, place to spend time.


Please see below a link to download a ten top tip guide on how to build positive relationships online and avoid potential problems.

Finally, please remember that should you have concerns about any of these weekly e-safety tips, do not hesitate to speak to either your child’s teacher or a member of St James’ management team.