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Gallery 21/22

Wellbeing Week 2022

The staff and children at St James embraced National Mental Health week by particpating in activities throughout the week. Each day focussed on one of the five key ways that wellbeing can be supported and developed.


The activities included the St James mile, circuit training, daily Wake Up Shake Up, Forest School trips for year 1 and 2, learning new skills such as basic first aid, a trip to the countryside  for year 4, relaxation and meditation and sharing texts about being kind and giving to others. Here are some photographs showing St James having lots of fun to increase their wellbeing. 


Each day promoted one of the five ways to wellbeing

Being Active

Taking Notice (and Being Active). Year 1 experienced a Forset Schools session at Moorcroft Wood- our Federation School

Taking Notice- year 4 visited Chillington Hall

Learning a New Skill- year 6 learnt some first aid

Connect - reception connected as a team and worked together

Give and Be Kind- yr 2 discussed and illustrated a story about being kind

At the end of each day we carried out some relaxation. Yr 5 were our yoga experts!!