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Today’s art lesson was to create a Mayan mask from clay. We learnt about why the Mayan civilisation used masks; for battle, for death and for celebrations. We then sketched our own designs and used these when making our clay mask tiles. More pictures to follow. 

Here are a few photographs of our work in Year 4 over the last few weeks. We’ve been working hard on our letters to Willy Wonka and in art we’ve looked at the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We’ve also been learning about the Mayans and what their society was like. 

We were very excited to receive a package from Mr Willy Wonker today which contained one of his famous Wonka bars. He also sent us an email to ask for our help in designing a new chocolate bar ready for Christmas. We shall be writing back to him this week to send him our suggestions. 
Look out for our letters soon!