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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine




Each child will be given their own book bag. This book bag needs to in school EVERYDAY.


The book bag will contain their books, reading record and any school letters. At St James we aim for each child to have a love of books and reading. We will be encouraging children to read each day in school. To support your child's reading at home, we ask that they read to an adult at home, 3 or more times a week.  We ask that you record each time they read in their reading record to enable them to work towards and achieve their rainbow reading badges. We will check their reading records every day to ensure these targets are being met.


When a book is completed there is a short online quiz for your child to take on the book that they have read. This quiz will be taken in school. It is extremely beneficial if you ask the children questions on their understanding when listening to them read, this will immensely support their ability to answer the relevant questions about the story.


Thank you for your support in this.