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Makaton is a visual way to develop communication skills, which helps stimulate sounds and words. This visual way of communicating in turn helps to encourage language development, i.e. putting words together. Makaton helps understanding, giving the child or adult an extra visual clue.

At St James we use Makaton as soon as they enter our school in the nursery class. At such an early age developing communication skills for all is key. This is continued with key words in reception for those who need it. 

Hi everyone,


Each week the children will learn a new Makaton sign. The children will follow our schedule each week in school. The new sign/symbol card will be displayed each week in the class room and the class teacher will share this with the pupils.


We have additional signs that you can do at home to learn and have fun with. 


The Makaton Charity Website gives you a sign that you can do and learn each week.


Happy signing.