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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine


Special Educational Needs and Disability at St James


In a classroom everybody is different! Different hair, different eyes, different likes and dislikes, different friends. There are also different learning needs.  At St James Primary everybody learns and has fun whilst doing it! This is because the teachers and teaching assistants understand that pupils need to learn in different ways and have different learning needs. Rather than favouring one way, the teachers and pupils use lots of different ways to teach and learn. 


SEN and Inclusion are led by Mrs Reay. If you have any concerns about  support for your child please contact the school on 01543 452328 discuss this with Mrs Reay or their class teacher.

Alternatively e-mail Mrs Reay on


If you would like legally based SEN advice or support please also have a look at these websites:

We have produced an easy-to-read pamphlet that helps explain how we support SEN. Click on the attachment to read. Copies are also available from the office.

Introducing the Well-being Hub

Our Nurture Room

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We passionately believe in supporting both the academic and emotional needs of our pupils. The Well-being Hub supports the social, emotional well-being of many of our pupils through nurture, mentoring, lunch/break time provision and Lego therapy. We are proud of our nurture base and want to share it with you!

Please read our Well-being Hub pamphlet to see how we support social, emotional needs and mental health at St James.