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Times have been and are tough! I wanted to reassure you that along with your child’s fantastic year group team, myself, Mrs Whitehouse (Federation speech lead) and Mr Cook (Family Support) will continue to cater for your child’s needs specific learning needs or emotional ones. We are particularly aware that the last few years may have caused anxiety, stress or some emotional turmoil and therefore have set even more wellbeing work in place. 
Google classroom has been a successful learning curve for us all and so has the use of class dojo. We will continue to use these and meetings with external agencies will still on occasion be remote. We can do these together. 

There are many ways to contact me and Mrs Whitehouse now! They are:

Telephone  myself at school on  Tues Wed Fri  or Mrs Whitehouse on a Mon Tues


Class Dojo

Facebook messenger.

Lots of relevant stuff from the lockdowns are on our website to support children with special educational needs or those with additional needs. Much of it is still very useful.

On the SEN section there is also support groups and links to help you as parents too.

These are challenging times and if your child needs additional support this can make it tough. We are here to support you even if it’s a chat!

Speak Soon

Mrs Reay

Special Educational Needs and Disability at St James


In a classroom everybody is different! Different hair, different eyes, different likes and dislikes, different friends. There are also different learning needs.  At St James Primary everybody learns and has fun whilst doing it! This is because the teachers and teaching assistants understand that pupils need to learn in different ways and have different learning needs. Rather than favouring one way, the teachers and pupils use lots of different ways to teach and learn. 


SEN and Inclusion are led by Mrs Reay. If you have any concerns about  support for your child please contact the school on 01543 452328 discuss this with Mrs Reay or their class teacher.

Alternatively e-mail Mrs Reay on


Walsall has a local office which provides links and websites in the local area that can support send young people and their families. Please click on the link below. 
Walsall Local Offer


If you would like legally based SEN advice or support please also have a look at these websites:


We have produced an easy-to-read pamphlet that helps explain how we support SEN. Click on the attachment to read. Copies are also available from the office.

Introducing the Wellbeing Hub

Our Wellbeing Room

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We passionately believe in supporting both the academic and emotional needs of our pupils. The Wellbeing Hub supports the social, emotional wellbeing of many of our pupils through wellbeing programmes, mentoring, lunchtime provision and ELSA sessions. We are proud of our wellbeing base and want to share it with you!

Please read our Wellbeing Hub pamphlet to see how we support social, emotional needs and mental health at St James.

Wellbeing Programmes at St James

The wellbeing of our pupils is very important to us at St James particularly in these challenging times. We have put together four programmes to support our children. 

The programmes are as follows:

The Friendship Feeling. This focuses on friendship, social skills and team work.


Keeping Your Cool. This looks at feelings, getting angry and strategies to deal with frustration and anger.


The Chill Out Club. This programme discusses stress and anxiety. It looks at ways to relax and keep calm.


The Feel Good Group. These sessions look at confidence, believing in yourself and building up self- esteem.


ELSA. These sessions are aimed at years R through to year 3 and explore skills such as sharing, being a good friend, working with a partner and being kind. They are led by out ELSA trained member of staff, Mrs Gallagher. 

Elsa at St James

Pamphlet Explaining More About ELSA at St James

Additional Provision at St James

Meet the Eager Elephants and Talented Turtles

We recognise at St James that some Reception children and Year 1's may need to continue the EYFS curriculum for a while longer and carry out their learning in a calm, visually supported and structured environment. They learn in a group no larger than 6 pupils with 2 dedicated members of staff. 


Each morning a group of year 1's (The Talented Turtles) work in the nurture room. They learn through:

- continuous provision (indoor and outdoor)

-workstation time personalised to their needs

-a daily structured language task

-daily fine motor work

-Makaton learning through nursery rhymes

-small group PE and swimming

-daily gross motor development

-yoga and meditation


Each afternoon a group of Reception pupils ('The Eager Elephants') work in the nursery area. They carry out the above activities as well as:



-messy play 

-book sharing time

Break Out Rooms at St James 

We recognise some children (particularly those on the autistic spectrum) can become overwhelmed in a busy, noisy, colourful classroom and may need some 'downtime'.  This time out may be to relax and lower the sensory overload or be used to work quietly in a quiet space. We have break provision in Key Stage 2, EYFS and in Year 2. 

Introducing the Zen Den for Key Stage 2

Sometimes our children in Key Stage 2 need a little time out or chat about issues making it hard for them to concentrate and learn. Our new upstairs base is being created to give them that space to cool down, chill and chat so they can go back into our classrooms feeling more positive and learning ready. 

The ZEN DEN is being developed to do just that! It has workstations, a comfy sofa and equipment to support wellbeing.