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St James

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At the Atlas Federation, we follow a broad and balanced PSHE curriculum that encompasses learning around relationships, health and well-being, e-safety and living in the wider world. We aim to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded individuals and lead confident, healthy and independent lives. Children will develop the confidence to ask questions, challenge the information they are offered, draw on their own experience, express their views and opinions in a healthy manner and put into practice what they have learnt in their own lives. We believe PSHE should be an area of learning where self-esteem, positive attitudes and a child-centred approach are fostered and nurtured.


Curriculum / Progress Map


To deliver this curriculum we will be using the Coram Scarf scheme, the PSHE assosiation guidelines and materials and delivering both class and whole school assemblies. Please also see our Mental Health and Wellbeing webpage which shows the numerous ways we raise awareness and support our children emotionally and mentally. 




Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2




New beginnings.

How do I


Good to be


Making friends.

Dreams and


Look how far

I've come.

Year 1

What is the

same and


about us?

Who is special

to us?

What helps us 

stay healthy?

What can we

do with money?

Who helps to keep

us safe?

How can we

look after

each other

and the world?

Year 2

What makes a

good friend?

What is 


What jobs do

people do?

What helps us

to stay safe?

What helps us to grow and stay


How do we


our feelings?

Year 3

How can we be a good friend?

What keeps

us safe?

What are

families like?

What makes

a community?

Why should we

eat well and

look after our


Why should we

keep active and

sleep well?

Year 4

What strengths,

skills and

interests do

we have?

How do we

treat each other with respect?

How can we

manage our


How can

friends communicate safely?

How can our

choices make

a difference

to others

and the


How can we

manage risk in different


Year 5

What makes

up a person's


What decisions

can people make

with money?

How can we

help in an

accident or emergency?

How will we 

grow and


How can drugs

common to

everyday life

affect health?

What jobs

would we like?

Year 6

How can we keep healthy

as we grow?

How can the media influence people?

What will change as we become more independent? How do friendships change as we grow?



Relationship and Sex Education at St James 


Although we have chosen to teach PSHE for many years at St James it is now a compulsory part of children’s education in line with the statutory requirements for Relationship and Health Education. All children will receive a weekly PSHE lesson delivered by either the class teacher or a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. During these lessons, children will learn about a range of concepts, equipping them with the appropriate knowledge and skills to make healthy, safe and responsible choices in their lives. Please see the table above for topics that will be covered for each year group.


PSHE and RSE lessons at St James will not go beyond the requirements of the Science National curriculum currently. There will be an online workshop, at the beginning of Summer 1, offered to parents of year 5. This will be led by the school nurse service. This will look at ways of supporting your child through puberty and how to discuss the changes they are going through. The DFE have produced  “Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school: a guide for parents” . Please see the document below for this information:


Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school: a guide for parents