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How to Use Class Dojo

New to Class Dojo

In order to improve communication with you as parents, last year all teachers sent out a code for you to join Class Dojo.  Once you downloaded the app and entered the code supplied, you were able to send photos of the work that your child completed.  Your child's class teacher then awarded Dojo points for work completed and other great qualities such as kindness, manners and effort. This is to continue this year!

This means that if you have any questions about homework set etc. you will be able to talk directly to the teacher.  Teachers will be available for any queries you may have or for you to share all the great work that your child has been completing. Whole class reminders and messages will also be posted on the class story.


Here are the instructions for setting up Class Dojo if you are new to it.


1. Download the ClassDojo app

2. Open app and tap 'Parent' to create a parent account

3. Enter name, email & create a password

4. Tap ‘Add child (+)’ and use the code provided (ask your child's class teacher to generate one)